Healthy Happy pups

Wicked smart, loving, energetic, silly, playful, insightful (no really I have stories) and snuggly!  We have found Labradoodles when breed correctly and raised properly are the most amazing dogs!  We really couldn't imagine our lives with one! 

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Dogs have brought so much love, joy, and laughter and into our lives.  It fills our heart when we see that many others are filled, and we were able to help.

It takes a great deal of dedication to raise great puppies.  It starts with great parents, not to mention loads of laundry and sleepless nights.  It's attention to details and sacrifice, but in the end it's worth it!  You end up with a healthy, loving, playful puppy ready to settle into their new family.  It's truly a joy to be a part of and we enjoy every minute.

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong."

                                                                -W.R. Purche

Why a Labradoodle?


So what is it about these Labradoodles?  Labradoodles were not our first dogs.  From Westies to Boxers, Frenchies, and Blue Healer/Border Collies we have experienced many different breads of dogs.  Hands down Tikka, our Labradoodle, is the best dog we have ever had. 

Some maybe asking why we do this.  Years ago we had a Westie, Abby.  She was a lovely little dog who had two litters.  Two of the puppies lived locally and for over 15 years we were able to see the love and joy these little dogs brought to their families. I can't even being to tell you what an amazing experience that was for all of us.

"The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog."


‚ÄčIt all comes down the health and happiness!

People and dogs are no different, it all comes down the health and happiness.  It's this belief that is the bases for our kennel, our mantra you might say, and what guides us in our decision making processes.  It was by placing health and happiness first that we found our Tikka!

Tikka is silly, insightful, curious, and loving.  She has passed all her health testing with flying colors.  Not only does she come from amazing stock but we have raised her in our home.  Tikka is a member of our family!  She sleeps in bed with us, goes on adventures with us, we couldn't imagine a day without her.

We deeply believe that happy health pups come from a strong combination of great parents, family centered rearing, and placing them with amazing families.



"If you are lucky.....a dog with come into your life, steal your heart and change everything!"