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Please read this from top to bottom!

 Labradoodles are by nature loving, silly, intelligent, amazing, energetic, and sensitive dogs. They are very smart and with proper training can do well in almost any family setting. Of course, every dog has a certain energy level that will make him or her better suited for different family types. As a breeder our role is to help you choose the best dog for your individual situation. We spend countless hours with the puppies and by the time they are 5-8 weeks old we have a pretty idea of what their temperament and personalities are like. Although this is a good indication of what the dog will be like when they are adult dogs there’s no guarantee. This is so important to consider when selecting a puppy and I take great pride in carefully matching pups with potential owners' needs and individual considerations. 

 As wonderful as they are, Labradoodles (or ANY dog, for that matter) are not perfect and they don't train themselves. Please, honestly ask yourself if you are ready for the commitment of time, money, love, discipline…..it will take a lot of all of these things, but the reward is great!

My Labradoodles are bred to be family dogs and they want to please you and be with you! We DO NOT have our breeding dogs in kennels in the backyard!  They are family dogs, in the house, next us to the bed, on the couch…..they are a member of the family, for the next 12 to 15 years. It is my desire that every puppy I raise grows up to be a well balanced, positive addition to their family. This takes dedication on my part as a breeder, and also on your part as a pet owner. Please consider this carefully before you commit to purchasing any dog. 

What you get from Beaver State Labradoodles!

*Your puppy will come from fully Health Tested parents with calm, well balanced temperaments
*Your puppy will be ALAA Registered 
*Your puppy will come to you Spayed or Neutered! 
*Your puppy will be handled from birth and socialized with other dogs and children 
*Your puppy will be litter box trained 
*Your puppy will be fed a high quality feed
*Your puppy will have a complete Vet check at 8 weeks along with his/her first shots, initial deworming treatments, and Microchip implant with lifetime registration 
*Your puppy comes with a goodie bag with a blanket the smells like his/her litter mates, along with other goodies
*Your puppy comes with a 2 year Health Warranty (conditions apply) 
 *You will receive unlimited support and communication from us for as long as needed. In return, we'd love to have pictures of your family enjoying your puppy! 

If you are ready to become part of the Beaver State Labradoodle family keep reading………

*We DO NOT remove dew claws on our Labradoodles. This practice was started as a way to reduce injury in hunting breeds. We believe that the stress this procedure causes the 3 day old puppies and their dam is not worth the perceived benefits. 

*Since our inception all of our pet puppies have been Spayed or Neutered before going to their forever families. We fully support the practice of ESN due to the increase in dogs of all breeds in shelters over the last 5-10 years. There are many unscrupulous people that will cause two dogs to be bred, but they don't care enough about the dogs or the breed to find suitable homes for the puppies they produce and many of them end up surrendered to shelters or they go on to produce puppies that end up in shelters. So many people think they can make BIG money breeding dogs...but what they fail to realize is that it's hard to make a profit if you can't place your puppies. Labradoodle puppy buyers are smart shoppers and the majority of them know they need to find reputable breeders to work with. Reputable breeders spend the time and money to Health Test their breeding dogs and find caring, responsible pet homes for all of their puppies. Many of my fellow breeders have been tricked by people who presented themselves as responsible pet owners, but purchased a puppy on a Spay/Neuter contract with intentions of breeding it. My desire is to be part of the solution, not the problem, by ensuring that none of my pets will produce a litter of puppies that are unable to find homes. If you would like more information about my decision to ESN, please feel free to contact me before you place a deposit. 

If you'd like more information about adopting a rescue Labradoodle, please visit the International Doodle Owners Group at www.idog.biz or Doodle Rescue Collective at www.doodlerescuecollectiveinc.com . These are both reputable rescue groups that have a known reputation for helping Doodles in need.

If you’re STILL ready to become a member of the Beaver State Labradoodle family keep reading……

If you'd like to purchase a Beaver State Labradoodle puppy, please email with any questions you may have prior to placing your deposit.  Please take note, this condition is not negotiable. If you have any questions about this procedure, PLEASE ask before you sign ANY papers or place a deposit!  

I will contact you within 24-48 hours to answer any questions you may have and start the conversation about your application. After your Application is approved, we will discuss which litter you're interested in and you'll be directed to

submit the $500 conditional refundable deposit. 

Please keep in mind, placing a deposit means you are choosing me as your breeder. Placing a reservation fee places you on our master list. If we have a litter with less puppies then families you will have choice to move to the next litter or request a refund of your reservation fee.....the choice is yours.

Once the reservation fee is paid you will receive updates on due dates, whelping and pictures of the puppies when they arrive. My preferred method of updating my puppy families is on our Beaver State Labradoodle Facebook page. It is an easy way for me to post pictures and updates on puppy activity. It's also a great way to interact with other families who are also waiting for a puppy or who have recently adopted theirs. 

When the puppies are born, you'll receive a litter birth announcement by email. At that time, you'll be asked to confirm your spot on the litter and you'll be sent an invoice for the balance due. The invoice can be paid anytime but must be paid by the due date listed on the reservation fee receipt. 

Due to COVID we have had to make changes to our Meet and Greet day.  We will schedule personal Facetime where families can learn more about each puppy. This will be scheduled for around the 7-8 week time frame.

After our Meet and Greet day we start the process of matching our families with the perfect puppy. Each family will give me their puppy preferences (at least 4 puppies they're interested in) and we will allocate according to temperament, structure, energy level, coat type, and if possible color and gender. The order of deposits received does not determine the order puppies are placed with their families.   In most cases, the more flexible you are on physical characteristics the shorter your wait for a suitable puppy. Please also remember, I reserve the right to retain up to two breeding prospects from each litter.

At 8-9 weeks of age, your puppy will be shipped, delivered, or you'll come here to pick him or her up. If your puppy is being shipped, we will have confirmed the date and time of arrival and the Purchase Agreement and Health Warranty will be mailed for you to sign and return. Otherwise, the paperwork will be signed prior to pick up or ahead of time through electronic document signing. 

Enjoy your new puppy! I am available for questions for as long as you need. Don't forget to email me a picture of you and your new family member! :)

Total Puppy Pricing: $3,200 
$500 Non-refundable reservation fee that towards the total purchase price

$2,700.00 Balance Payable After Puppies are Born
Possible Added Expenses: Airline Shipping Fee $500, in cabin shipping fee $200, hotel fees if an overnight trip is needed. These prices are in addition to the cost of the flight and are subject to change depending on the situation. 

Shipping, Delivery and Pick Up Info

Your puppy should be shipped, delivered or picked up when he/she turns 8 weeks old. If you desire that your puppy be shipped via airline, this will incur an additional fee of approximately $500. This includes a travel crate with bedding, health certificate, delivery to PDX, and airfare to your closest major airport. I only ship to major airports using nonstop flights through Alaska Airlines, American Airlines or Delta Airlines. You may also elect to pay for my roundtrip, direct flight to your nearest major airport and I will hand deliver your puppy to you, depending on my schedule. This may also incur a hotel fee if no suitable daytime return flights are available. You may also elect to fly into Portland and I will meet you at the airport with your puppy. This will incur a $200 fee which includes the required soft sided carrier, health certificate, toys, food and bedding. You will be responsible for your airfare to and from Portland.

Of course, you are always welcome to come to our home on pick-up weekend. We will schedule each family individually and spend about 30 minutes for puppy pick-up on Friday, Saturday or Monday following the 8 week birthday of your puppy.

If your puppy it to be delivered or picked-up out my local area, arrangements will be made in conjunction with other pups being delivered. I am flexible, but I try to coordinate my driving to limit the time away from my family, other puppies and breeding dogs.