Early spay/neuter (ESN), let's talk about it.  ESN is when a dog is spayed or neutered before they are fully matured, depending on the breed can be 12-24 months if not longer. So any spay/neuter done before they mature is an ESN.  Many vets recommend altering your pet before their first heat or around 5-6 months. So the difference is 3-4 months, an amount of time that we think is minimal amount of time considering the over all benefits of spaying and neutering.

There is a great deal of information about spay/neuter, early spay/neuter, and intact dogs. Like anything else in this Google based world you need to have evidence based information, make sure you know where your information is coming from, and read the fine print. 

We have found that in many articles discussing the pros and cons of ESN the evidence is not comparing ESN to spay/neuter of dogs that were fully matured, 12-24 months depending on breed, before they were altered but NOT to spay/neutered dogs to non-altered dogs. Apple to oranges, not apple to apples. 

We by no means that are assuming that ESN is 100% safe. There are risks with any surgery at any age. We have found a wonderful vet who has been doing ESN for many years and has been used by other local breeders. 

ESN allows for a quick recovery in addition to all the additional benefits of a "traditional" spay/neuter including a reduction in cancer, greater longevity, and a reduction in over population to name just a couple of things.

We hope this helps shine some light on ESN.

Below are some links regarding ESN.

The choice is yours!

Talk your choices over with your family and your vet. Your decision must be made by the 5th week of life for scheduling purposes. Any decision made after the 5th week is subject to scheduling and will default to ESN.


As a dog family and breeder we want to do the best for our furry family members, just like we know you want what is best for your new family member. Here at Beaver State Labradoodles we have made the educated and conscious decision to have all puppies altered before they leave us. This practice is done by many breeders with years of experience with positive outcomes. 

We have two options for you to choose from, early spay neuter (ESN) or ovary sparing spay (OSS)/vasectomy. Both have their pros and cons.  We invite you to read below, talk to your vet, and pick which one you think is best for your family.



Ovary Sparing Spaying (OSS) is a procedure where the ovaries are left but their is either a tubal removal and/or uterus removal. The vasectomy is just as it sounds. They leave the testicals allowing them to continue to produce hormones. In both cases the hormone producing parts are left but the ability to reproduce is gone.

Just like ESN there are pros and cons with OSS/Vasectomies.  Pyometra, an infection of the uterus can occur. Behavioral issues including aggression, dominance, and female dogs can go through sudo heats. When your pet has reached maturing you have the decision to do a "full" spay/neuter. This however would require putting your pet through another surgery. ​ Please note, that at this time there is an additional charge of $750.00 for a vasectomy.  This extra charge is do to the price set by the vet. At this time the procedure is very expensive, much higher then the $750.00 additional charge but we are happy to help supplement the total cost. When we are able to local a vet who provides this procedure at a more reasonable cost we will gladly reduce the additional fee accordingly. 

Below is a website with additional information regrading OSS/Vasectomy.

Early Spay Neuter or OSS/Vasectomy

Early Spay Neuter


Ovary Sparing Spaying / Vasectomy

Please note, at this time there is additional $750.00 charge for a vasectomy.