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Traveling with your Pup


  • Get your pup use to the car and where they will be sitting whether that is in their kennel or on the seat with their seatbelt on. Start a month or so before your trip so they are prepared. If you are going on a plane purchase the travel bag early and practice with the pup so they have time to adjust.....remember the treats!


  • Make sure you have plenty of poop bags, portable food and water dishes and extra leashes.


  • Pack extra food and treats.


  • If they are on any prescription medications make sure you have plenty to take with you.


  • Pack extra old towels.....great for wet, muddy paws, and other messes that may occur.


  • Look up local veterinarians in the area you will be traveling to, including emergency veterinarians.


  • A toy or blanket from home and a kennel.


  • Remember, pups can get car sick so be mindful of when and who much you are feeding them before you leave. Most pups will grow out of it but be prepared.  They are medications you can give you pup to help. Please reach out to your vet for medication advice.


  • Finally make sure the place you are going to is dog friendly! Don't want a misunderstanding when you show up.


We find it helpful to pack their own bag. This way you know they have everything they need all in one place.

Rent an Oregon Dog-Friendly Coastal Home!


If you are looking for a fun place for you and your pup to vacation to The Beacon at Rockaway is a great place! This 2 bedroom 2 bath 1,300 sqft house in the quant Oregon beach town of Rockaway is perfect for your next beach getaway. With dog toys, a fenced yard, firepit, movies, games and a short 3 block walk to the beach The Beacon is a must for your family's, and dog, next getaway.

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