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The biggest benefit of having a Guardian puppy or dog is having a wonderful example of the Australian Labradoodle breed to love and snuggle......for free! Once the puppy/dog has finished their breeding career with us they, will be spayed/neutered and ownership will be transferred to you. 


If you are looking to add a furry family member to your home while being part of Beaver State Labradoodles this is the opportunity for you. Guardian homes are a big part of our program, they allow us to have great girls and boys, in our program all while being in a loving's the best of both worlds! We pay for all breeding related expenses and when the dog is ready to have her puppies she returns to our home to whelp and raise her puppies. 

  • You must live within one hour of Gladstone, Oregon

  • Any other dog currently living in your home must be spayed/neutered

  • Puppy classes, well socialized, and train the puppy/dog

  • You must be able to drive

  • Willing to drive to vet appointments for breeding testing and deliver breeding dog to breeder when requested for breeding needs.

To apply for the Guardian Program, click on the link, complete the form,  and answer the appropriate Guardian question on the application.

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