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Contract and Health Guarantee

The buyer agrees to accept full responsibility for the care and well being of the puppy upon delivery/pickup. Breeder states that to the best of their ability and knowledge that said puppy is believed to be healthy at time of sale and has received appropriate and contracted vaccinations and deworming treatments for age.

Upon receipt of puppy, buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a veterinarian within 4 days to establish care and continue vaccination schedule. In the first 24 months of life, if said puppy is found by a veterinarian to have a proven genetic defect that clinically impacts the dog’s quality of life, Beaver State Labradoodles has the option to require a second opinion at the expense of Beaver State Labradoodles. If the puppy is euthanized or in any way disposed of OR if treatment is initiated without a second opinion, the Buyer waives all rights under this agreement. Any findings obtained during the initial examination and second opinion shall be forwarded and reviewed by the Breeder’s veterinarian or specialist of breeders choice. If the dog is in fact found to the Breeder’s satisfaction to have a genetic defect that clinically impacts the quality of life, the choice of options are as follows:

The Buyer can return said puppy and request a new puppy be provided free of charge, not including shipping
The Buyer can request a refund for half of the original purchase price if buyers decide to keep said dog, not including shipping charges
Treatment cost up to half the initial cost of the puppy


Buyer agrees that puppy shall NOT be used for breeding purposes, planed or otherwise. Buyer has until the puppy reaches 9 months of age, or earlier if required by stud contract, and provide proof of procedure. Exact date will default to the date listed with Spay Secure. At that time, Beaver State Labradoodles will release ownership of puppy, provide the pedigree, and Buyer will be issued registration papers from the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. If Buyer uses their puppy for ANY breeding activity, planed or otherwise, Buyer will surrender ownership rights to the original dog sold along with any offspring of the dog and a penalty of $15,000 will be immediately due and payable to breeder. Buyer agrees to provide their legal name and physical address to both Beaver State Labradoodles and Spay Secure as well as signing and agreeing to the conditions in this contract as well as the contract provided by Spay Secure. 

If the puppy is sold to someone outside of the United States of America or if the puppy is sold and then is moved outside of the county the puppy must be spayed/neutered BEFORE they are taken outside of the country. 

Buyer agrees to provide a home for their puppy for its entire lifetime. If, at any time, the Buyer is unable to provide a home or properly care for the dog, Beaver State Labradoodles will assist the Buyer in finding a home for the dog. At no time should any dog bred or sold by Beaver State Labradoodles be abandoned or surrendered to an animal shelter or rescue group of any kind.

The warranty set forth in this contract is the sole warranty and is given in lieu of any and all other warranties, either expressed or implied.

Health: It is the responsibility of the buyer to continue feeding their puppy a quality diet, keep them at a healthy weight as this will improve the longevity and overall health of their dog. It is advised, do NOT take your puppy running until after the age of two years old. This WILL void any health warranty regarding joint issues as such strain can be detrimental to the health of their joints. Keeping the dog within a healthy weight is the responsibility of the owners as it can contribute greatly to joint and hip issues. Excessive weight will void this health contract. 

ANY ORAL FLEA AND TICK MEDICATION WILL VOID THIS HEALTH CONTRACT. It is very toxic and we advise that only topical flee and tick medication be given.

GENETIC HEALTH WARRANTY *Seller guarantees that all Dogs Bred and or produced by Beaver State Labradoodles are of sound health and temperament. Seller guarantees the above-described puppy is of sound health at time of buyer taking possession. Above-described puppy comes with a Two (2) year genetic health guarantee for PRA Eyes (progressive retinal atrophy) and Hip Dysplasia. Upon diagnosis of said genetic disease reported by two veterinarians, Beaver State Labradoodles will refund the purchase price of the puppy. Seller does not require return of your pet. Buyer has the option of requesting a replacement puppy rather than a refund (both Buyer and Breeder/Seller agreeing). A diagnosis of any hip dysplasia requires OFA and Penn hip reports. A diagnosis of PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) requires the report of a certified veterinary ophthalmologist. 

The above described puppy has their first set of puppy vaccinations,  de-worming treatment, microchip implant with registration and is being sold as a companion pet. 

Seller does not guarantee perfect teeth/bite in our dogs and we do not cover dental and orthodontics for minor teeth/bite issues, such as an under-bite or base narrow canines. Only in the most extreme situations are bite issues serious and life-altering ones that would warrant medical intervention. Cosmetic correction for teeth/bite issues with the dog will not be covered under this warranty.

Seller has made a reasonable judgment regarding the eventual adult coat of the puppy. However, as unexpected situations can and do occur, this judgment does not guarantee the eventual adult coat nor is there a guarantee of the eventual allergy-friendliness, degree of non-shedding or color of the coat at maturity.

Said puppy will be housed inside your home. At no time in this puppy's/dog's life with this puppy/dog be left to sleep or housed outside.  Beaver State Labradoodles are NOT outside dogs. 

Dogs/puppies will not be left unattended with children under the age of 10 years old. Adult supervision between dogs and children is necessary to keep both children and pets safe. 

The Buyer’s sole remedy is under the warranty provision of this contract and Beaver State Labradoodles disclaims and will not be liable for any other damages including consequential damages, property, emotional stress, loss of use, business interruption, or veterinary fees, except as stated above. This contract sets forth the entire agreement between the Breeder, Beaver State Labradoodles, and the Buyer and any inconsistent oral agreements have no effect on this contract.

If there is any dispute or litigation between the Breeder and the Buyer, the prevailing party will be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. Any dispute or litigation must take place in Breeder’s county and state. By signing below, both parties declare that they have read the entire contract, fully understand all provisions and agree to all the terms.




Beaver State Labradoodles holds the right to make adjustments at any time to this contract. The signed contract between the buyer and the breeder at time of final purchase and will be the final contract.

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