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Labradoodles require grooming, not only for looks but for their health as well! We suggest that you begin with a human brush as it is easier on their skin. You will want to brush your puppy daily, perhaps with a treat or two, to get them use to grooming. Make sure you are brushing their head, ears, and feet. These areas are extra sensitive and will require training and time to get them use to it. 


Once your puppy is about 4-5 months old you will want to move to a slicker brush. The slicker brush is great for the body, hip area, and top of the legs. You will want to use your comb for the face, feet, and ears. Finally, invest in a dematter. This tool is great for cutting through the matts that will occur from time to time on your doodle.


It's important to us that you understand how to groom your doodle and have the proper tools. All of these brushes are included with your go home bag!


Don't forget those ears! I love labradoodle ears, however those floppy ears can reduce airflow and can cause some issues from time to time. You may have to clean your pups ears now and then. We recommend TEP or the ear cleaner and ear powder from PawTree. Ears are sensitive so be gentle. We also recommend keeping the ears cut short to help with airflow. 


Your doodle will need to be groomed about every 4-8 weeks depending on your at home grooming schedule. For in between grooming we like to use Cowboy Magic. They have many products from a shine spray to shampoo and conditioner to a detangling gel. We have the detangling and shine on hand and use it to freshen up our doodles between grooming as well as help with getting out any matts that they might have.


Above is a great video from the ALAA on how to groom your doodle......enjoy!

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